Job description

The company

We are founding a new footwear brand, FYOUS, that will revolutionise the footwear industry. We have invented a new technology that enables us to make custom fitting footwear on demand.

FYOUS is at a pivotal point in its history. We are looking for an individual that can wear many engineering hats in this young start-up and lead. You will be focused on a very important project for the company and need to be able to manage yourself, your time, and your tasks. You will report to the COO but be very much left alone to achieve your goals and come up with your own solutions. It will be fast-paced and exciting but also very demanding. If you prove yourself you will find yourself climbing the ladder very quickly as the company grows.

FYOUS is an Itch innovation brand. Within the Itch group, we also have Duality Bars and Itch Manufacturing where there may be wider opportunities to be involved from time to time.

The Role

Not much has changed in how shoes are manufactured in decades if not centuries. FYOUS is about to change that and we need a passionate engineer to help. You will be given a wide range of tasks from CAD design, testing processes, working out what materials to use, testing products and lots more. The role has no limits and as the business grows we will support you to grow where you enjoy, and try our best to ensure your role develops to enable you to focus on the parts you enjoy.

The Culture

At FYOUS, culture is at the heart of our company, you need to be a great team player and value the people around you. We value your opinion and you need to voice it. You can only improve with feedback and the team loves it when you have your own ideas and want to challenge the status quo. We are also constantly looking for ways to develop our team further and therefore will encourage and support you to learn new skills as the business grows so you never fall behind the skills we need to flourish as a business.

We are a running shoe brand so any pre-existing interest in running and sports would be very advantageous. We encourage our team to stay very active with many opportunities for trying out products to help break up the day in the office.

The Skills

Qualifications are a tricky one. If you have an Engineering degree then great but it is not essential. What is more essential is what you have built, designed, and made before, can you demonstrate an ability to make complicated things? Can you demonstrate you are the ultimate maker and love making cool stuff? As long as you are passionate and can demonstrate a tenacious attitude to learning and working then you are what we want. Degree or not.

The job would ideally require you to have experience or knowledge about a lot of the below. But if you love learning we are sure you will figure out the ones you don't.

·       Computer-aided design and manufacture (CAD/CAM)- Solidworks or fusion 360

·       Mechanism design

·       G-code and XY stepper motor control

·       Linear motion control in robotics.

·       Manufacturing techniques like vacuum forming, CNC and laser cutting.

·       A good understanding of material properties(metals, polymers, composites) and fabrication techniques, including additive manufacturing (e.g. 3D printing)

·       Hydraulic devices and components

·       Electric motors (ac, dc, stepper)

·       Feedback control

·       Signal processing and conditioning, including digital signal processing

·       Sensors, instrumentation and electronics for sensor interfacing

·       Finite element analysis (FEA)

An understanding of the following communications technologies and when they would be used:-

·       Serial comms (RS 232, RS 422, RS 485), USB, Firewire, Ethernet, Fieldbus (Profibus, EtherCAT), WiFi, I2C, SPI,

·       Programming in C/C++

·       Programming in Arduino

·       Real-time and/or embedded programming

·       Programmable logic controllers (PLCs),

·       Python, Java, or website building languages

Candidates only, agencies will not be responded to. Once we start actively recruiting for this role we will be in touch. This is likely to be around the date indicated on the advert

*Please also attach a copy of your CV

Candidates only, agencies will not be responded to. Once we start actively recruiting for this role we will be in touch. This is likely to be around the date indicated on the advert